Partner Support


to maximize the return on your investment

We visit you to talk about your needs, we are your direct partner

Your Customer service area manager is your main contact person.

Strong partnership through collaboration from the beginning of the project during the whole lifetime of the machines. We do Regular visits to ensure Customers' expectations are met. We are here to help you transform any request into solid reality.

When we are in our offices we support you on any question you may have. It can be commercial, technical or whatever else. We are the facilitator between you and many other departments within Mikron or any external 3rd party.

In a number of country's, we have local Customer Service representatives which enables us to provide quick onsite presence if needed.

Customer Service Contacts

Mikron SA Boudry

Route du Vignoble 17
CH-2017 Boudry
Phone +41 32 843 11 11
Fax +41 32 843 18 08

Office hours:
08.00 – 17.00 CET

Mikron Corp. Denver

8100 S Potomac St.
Englewood, CO 80112
Phone +1 303 364 52 22
Fax +1 303 364 52 24 

Office hours:
08.00 – 17.00 MST

Mikron Singapore Pte Ltd

No. 3 Loyang Way 1,
Singapore 508705
Phone +65 62991589
Fax +65 62992154

Office Hours:
08.30 – 18.00 (GMT+8)

Mikron Berlin GmbH

Landsberger Strasse 252
12623 Berlin
Phone +49 30 9830 72 50
Fax +49 30 9830 72 850

Office hours:
09.00 – 17.00 CET

CNC machines requests: We will be pleased to answer your enquiries here.

Mikron Infrared requests: Mikron Group has not link with Mikron Infrared. For sensor enquiries (temperature measurements), please get in touch with your local contact at Lumasense.

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