Cutting Solutions

The Mikron Tool division develops and produces small and medium-sized high-precision cutting tools for the high-end market. The focus lies on materials that are difficult to machine such as stainless steels and heat-resistant alloys.

The cutting tools from Mikron Tool are used for example in the automotive, aviation, watchmaking, electronics, medical and dental industries, for operations such as centering, drilling, milling, reaming, deburring and turning. Mikron Tool has a global workforce of around 220 employees. It is headquartered in Agno (Switzerland) and has additional sites in Rottweil (Germany), Monroe (USA) and Shanghai (China).

At a glance:

  • Number of employees: 220
  • Experience: over 20 years
  • Tools from stock: 60 tool ranges
  • Number of facilities: 4 sites

Discover the world of Mikron Tool:

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