Consumer Goods

Mikron offers the ideal solution for maximum output and lowest cost per part in the consumer goods industries, even where a large number of operations per piece are required.

Mikron transfer solutions ensure:

  • Very high output, up to 22,000 pieces/hour
  • Process efficiency, from 8 to 24 stations
  • Precise deburring of workpieces
  • Ability to machine entire parts in a single operating cycle

Modern production of watch components requires machining systems offering high output, accuracy, flexibility and perfect surface finish. The state-of-the-art Mikron machining systems are the perfect answer to meet all of the requirements for economical production of watch plates and bridges, plus a wide range of watch strap components, cases, crowns and screws.

Mikron state-of-the-art machining systems are the perfect answer to meet all the requirements for the economical production of parts for spectacles such as hinges. Mikron has collaborated for years with the best-known suppliers of parts for eyeglasses, providing them with the most suitable processing solution: the Mikron VX-10 systems.

State-of-the-art Mikron machining systems are the perfect solution to meet all the requirements for the economical production of bicycle spoke nipples. A single Mikron Multistar LX-24 high speed transfer system can supply an annual demand of 100 million nipples.

Mikron Machining offers the ideal machining solution for manufacturing refrigerator compressor components:

  • Clamp with extra jaw movement to cover a range of different outside diameters of piston parts, ensuring simple and rapid changeover
  • Tool lubrication for optimum cutting conditions and best surface quality
  • No subsequent lapping (honing) required in many cases



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