Mikron high-precision rotary transfer solutions ensure:

  • Very high output, up to 28,000 pieces/hour
  • Process efficiency, from 8 to 24 stations
  • Impressive cost per part savings
  • Precise deburring of workpieces
  • Ability to machine entire parts in a single operating cycl

Mikron has collaborated for years with the most renowned suppliers of fittings for the gas industry, providing them with the best processing solutions.

Safety components for gas heaters or appliances are particularly suitable for fabrication on Mikron transfer systems.

With Mikron, machining die-cast parts is child's play

Today's die casting producers are faced with a variety of challenges. One of these is to perform secondary operations at the lowest possible cost while maintaining strict tolerance requirements. Mikron has the machines to do just that.

  • High flexibility to adapt quickly to ever-changing market conditions
  • Machining of 5? workpiece faces without reclamping



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