About Mikron

The Mikron Group develops, produces and markets highly precise, productive and adaptable automation solutions, machining systems and cutting tools. Rooted in the Swiss culture of innovation, Mikron is a global partner to companies in the automotive, pharmaceutical, medtech, consumer goods, writing instruments and watchmaking industries.

The Mikron Group enables its customers to increase quality and industrial productivity. The Group has over 100 years of experience, state-of-the-art technologies, and a global service. The two business segments, Mikron Automation and Mikron Machining Solutions are based in Switzerland (Boudry and Agno). Additional production sites are located in Germany, Singapore, China and the US. Mikron Holding AG shares are traded on SIX Swiss Exchange (MIKN). The Mikron Group employs a total workforce of around 1,400.

Our main markets are

  • the automotive industry
  • the pharmaceutical and medtech industries
  • the writing instrument industry
  • the electronic industry
  • the watchmaking industry

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