Board of Directors

Pursuant to the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors of Mikron Holding AG consists of at least three and at most seven members, who are elected by the Annual General Meeting for a one-year term and who may be re-elected for successive terms.

Members of the Board of Directors

The Company’s Board of Directors currently consists of six members. None of them maintains a significant business relationship with the Group.

NameNationalityPositionBornOn the Board sinceElected until
Heinrich SpoerryCHChairman195120012019non-executive
Eduard RikliCHVice-Chairman195120102019non-executive
Patrick KilchmannCHMember195820112019non-executive
Andreas CasuttCHMember196320132019non-executive
Hans-Michael HauserDEMember197020162019non-executive
Paul ZumbühlCHMember195720182019non-executive
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