September 19, 2019

First prize for the Mikron MultiX: Mikron Machining wins EMO innovations award 2019

The Mikron MultiX presented at EMO 2019 in Hanover as a world first convinced not only potential customers but also the jury of experts: With 2100 exhibitors from 47 countries, the leading trade medium for the machine industry "MM MaschinenMarkt" awarded the Mikron MultiX rotary transfer machine first prize for outstanding innovations in the machine tool category. The groundbreaking new platform is consistently tailored to customer needs. It is very easy to reconfigure and offers unique possibilities with machining solutions for the production of 50 to 5,000,000 parts.

With Mikron MultiX, customers can configure their specific machining solution to meet their needs in terms of productivity, precision, stiffness, reconfigurability, size, cost or power. Mikron received the coveted first prize at EMO 2019 for this groundbreaking world innovation. The innovative concept convinced not only the audience, but also the expert jury.

Customer saves investments

Among the innovative features of the new platform is the simple and fast reconfiguration for new applications: once the application for which the system was originally configured is no longer needed, the system can be easily and quickly reconfigured using a revolutionary – patented – concept. Customers can thus save the investment in a new system. 

Versatile solution

The Mikron MultiX impresses with distinct technical features: Direct machining from the bar (turning or milling), three machining units working simultaneously at each station, multispindle-lathe and transfer machine capabilities in one single machining system.

Customers have a complete set of machining units at their disposal for the various needs: The machining units differ in size, number of axis, size of compatible spindles, strokes, stiffness, and can be exchanged within the platform and re-used in different configurations.

Modular and user-friendly

The modular software package and Mikron HMI interface are designed for ease of use and quick adaptability to any machine configuration. This enables a simple and efficient operation, configuration and reconfiguration of the desired machining solution.

Further flexibility is provided by scalability: customers can start producing with a single cycle Mikron MultiX configuration and add supplementary cycles according to volume growth.

More information:

With the Mikron 6x6 again

The Mikron 6x6 – the modular machine tool system with fully integrated automation – again exhibited at EMO 2019 also met with great interest. 

More information: www.mikron/6x6


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